Praise for The Keeper of the Crows:

“Wow! This may be one of the creepiest, and most emotional, horror books I’ve ever read and that’s a good thing! Great characters! That is, the ones that did survive. Very scary and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! When a book not only scares you but makes you feel for the characters, even when it’s conflicted, it’s a win-win. There is so much going on here but it’s so well done that you just can’t put it down! Lots of character death but that all comes together later in the story. The author brings sentiment that you don’t get in most books of this genre. The ending is shocking, even for horror. Unfortunately, I didn’t find more work from this author but I’m hoping that he will continue as Mr. Romines brings something to his work that most horror writers fail to do.”

-Nancy E. Nolan,


“I normally don’t rave about a book, but this time I am. I have not read anything scarier than It by Stephen King, but this book rates right up there. Easy to read, great characters (as long as they lived) , and a definite keep you on the edge of your seat thriller.”

-Cynthia A.,


“I bought this on Saturday, with no plans to read till later. But I read the first couple of pages & before I knew it, I was through the first 5 chapters & couldn’t put it down! I don’t wanna give anything away, but that evening I got in after dark & was still creeped out. So it stays with you! Perfect time of year for this release, with Ky offering the perfect setting. Looking forward to more work from this author.”

-Tammy Willis,


“The Keeper of the Crows is a well written horror story that was depicted as if I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. It drew me in. No detail was spared and no detail was too over the top that it bored me. I lived the terror the two lead characters experienced as they began to discover the ominous happenings in their small town. My only mistake was reading it at night until the wee hours of the morning. Every noise I heard startled me. But, I had to finish it. I wanted to come to the end-no amount of exhaustion was going to stop me. I am a big Stephen King fan, so this was up my alley. A small distraction was a mix of small elements synonymous to two cult classics. As a reader, if you have never seen the cult classics, then it will be totally new; but alas the connections did take me back to a time when I was younger and things truly felt like they went bump in the night. Taking all the elements of this story into consideration, the characters were well developed and the connection between the past and present was effectively woven together. I felt fearful of the antagonist, but I also felt empathy. This is where the writer’s craft comes to life. When a reader can be made to feel empathy and pain for the “bad guy” that’s saying something. I’ve read several authors and most of what I read is good, but this was better. It was precisely written as though the author had been trained in writing, and he knew the lay of a small town in a state like Kentucky. The characters were crafted in such a way that carried you from beginning to end, and the story flowed at a steady pace with suspense. At any rate, the organization of the paragraphs, pages, and chapters were in perfect sync. Kyle A. Romines is an artist.”

-Mirta Espinola,


“I received my copy in the mail, started reading at 10 pm, and finished it at 4 am. I was completely unable to put the book down once I began reading. After navigating through the relatable small-town setting and the characters’ histories and personalities, I was dead set on finding out how the writer would tie everything together. As the dots began to connect, sometimes with subtlety and sometimes shockingly, the story became increasingly engrossing. I couldn’t read the pages fast enough. The author took familiar components of thrillers and added such a unique, creative spin that I’m tempted to say scarecrows are about to become the new vampire.”

-Megan White, (Disclaimer: She’s my sister, but I loved her review so much I couldn’t help but post it!)

Author of Keeper of the Crows

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